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Turn your simple website into a cost-effective web application that doesn’t need downloads and can be used as an app across all devices.

We are the experts in creating web applications as per your needs and business goals. Just tell us your requirements and we will help you choose the best technology stack for a fast, user-friendly and fully functional web app.

We build secure, multi-tenant and reliable SaaS solutions for your business. We help you find a cost-efffective way to manage your customers and satisfy them.

We use the high-quality and reliable framework of React.js, Angular.js and Vue.js. to create modern, single-page web apps using dynamic and re-usable components.

Our backend development ensures robust, secure and scalable integrations for advanced data structures so that you can make any level of application you want with no worries about security.

Take your store online and increase your product sales. We make easy to use e-commerce sites, powered by the best e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Woocommerce and Magento.

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Development Process of Custom Web Applications

Requirement Gathering
Requirement Gathering
and Company Analysis

We will first gather all your requirements to understand your business process and goals. Then we will define the best technology and development strategy to create the custom application.

UX/UI Design & Architecture
UX/UI Design & Architecture

By understanding your target audience, we research on the user experience. This helps us to design a user-friendly UI design, which runs seamlessly across desktop, and all mobile devices.

UX/UI Testing
UX/UI Testing

After we have designed the UX and UI, we make the prototype and test it within our Tester team. This ensures the proper UI functionality and then the approved design moves for the development stage.

Development Phase
Development Phase

By using the pre-planned technology stack, we use Agile methodology to complete the development of the application on time and deliver a high-performing web app.

QA & Software Testing
QA & Software Testing

We do a 7-stage life cycle testing of the web app before the deployment. High priority is given to quality analysis of the software to determine its proper functioning in accordance with the user experience.


The application is only deployed after we have achieved zero bugs in the testing phase. This ensures a smooth and hassle-free deployment of the application and is ready to use at the customer’s end.


After the application is deployed, you get 24/7 support from our maintenance and support team. You also get benefitted with a warranty period of 3 months after the deployment of the project. This ensures that you have seamless business operations in the future.

Node JS
Vue JS
React JS
Mongo DB
SQL Server
Postgre SQL
Amazon web services
Backbone JS
Underscore JS
Google maps
Nest Js
 Next Js
Bootstrap 5
Material Design

Our Expertise Business Segments

ERP Solutions
CRM Software
HRM Software
Data Visualization System
Geolocation tracking software
Fleet management system
Live tracking software
Supply chain management system
Information Technology
Information Technology
Customer Support Solution
Project Management Software
IoT integrated system
Database Management System


We develop several types of web applications and also custom ones which varies as per client’s requirements. Here are few of the web apps that clients commonly develop with us:

  • Static web apps
  • Online store
  • Portal web apps
  • Dynamic web apps
  • Animated web apps

They might sound similar but they are not the same. Here’s why:

Web applications are meant to be used from a web browser. The combinations of the server-side script (PHP, .NET. etc.) and the client-side script (HTML, JavaScript, etc.) gives you web apps. The web browser gives you web server components that are installed at backend infrastructure of the system. Examples - Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, etc.

SaaS, on the other hand is cloud-based and more evolved. It is used to access services over the net just like web browsers do but only SaaS products are made to give a richer experience to the users with seamless integrations and backend support. Examples of some Saas giants are Salesforce, Hubspot, Freshworks, BambooHR, etc.

Well, this question can have a lot of answers because the time taken to develop a web application depends on certain factors like modularity, complexity and features. Normally, a simple web app takes around 2 to 3 weeks, whereas, 3 to 6 weeks for a medium level complexity app, and 2 to 3 months for an advanced one. We suggest you to reach out to our experts for more information.

Of course, we do. We provide 2 months of free support and maintenance for your web application. Our support team is highly specific about making sure your app sticks to OWASP TOP 10 to avoid security vulnerabilities. Our services include upgrades, updates of existing features or adding new ones, conducting periodical maintenance for web improvements.

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