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Our QA & Software Testing Services include

Functional Testing
Stress Testing
Configuration testing
Non-functional testing
Functional Testing
Functional testing involves the testing of the overall performance of an application. It ensures that all the features of the application are functioning properly as per the business requirements. Functional testing may include:
Regression testing
to ensure the proper functioning of the software after bug fixes, the addition of new features or changes in the existing features.
Cross-browser testing
after the functional test is over, then we check if the web application is functioning properly across every web browser.
Stress Testing
Stress testing involves testing the performance of an application under heavy load and its restoration capability due to crashes or system failure. Functional testing may include:
Performance testing
We test the performance of the application under specific conditions to test its stability, scalability, reliability, and resource usage.
Load testing
This involves testing the app under heavy and normal load conditions to identify its maximum capacity to work smoothly.
Stability testing
this involves checking the quality and software behaviour in different environmental parameters like temperature, voltage, etc./div>
Configuration testing
Configuration testing involves finding out the optimal combinations of software and hardware for the proper configuration of software.
Mobile adaptation testing
this is done to check if the application is adapted for mobile devices.
Installation testing
every system has optimal installation time and condition. We ensure that your system installs all softwares correctly, and does not go into failures during upgardes, etc.
Non-functional testing
Non-functional testing involves testing all the other parameters of the software, except for the application feature functionality. This may involve:
Documentation testing
Documentation for the software should be of high quality and should fulfil all requirements from the end-user point of view.
Usability testing
One of the most important tests, used to test and improve the user experience (UX) of any application and make it easier to use.
Graphical User Interface Testing
We take care of the proper functioning of the graphical user interface (GUI) for an application. We check the screens with images, illustrations, menus, buttons, icons, etc.
Localization testing
We ensure that the application language changes as per geographical settings and behaves as per local culture or settings.

Our workflow to give you 100% quality assurance

We have developed a smart workflow, based on your requirement analysis, designing the best approach towards solving your problems, making checklists and perform testing for quality assurance. In the end, we deliver you test cases with a standard test report.

Documentation testing
checks documentation for the specified requirements
Prototype testing
helps you to improve designs before coding
Usability testing
user experience (UX) improvement
Functional testing
ensures features perform correctly
Cross-browser testing
checks web applications across multiple browsers
Regression testing
ensures system functions properly after changes
Integration testing
ensures proper interaction between the components
Acceptance testing
checks if the system is acceptable for delivery
testing of a particular bug after it has been fixed
Load testing
determines the system's behavior under normal and peak loads
Automation testing
is performed to compare the actual outcome with the expected one
Security testing
uncovers vulnerabilities of the system

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