Why choose us for PWA development?


“Add to home” option: With a focus on the “add to home” feature we develop robust PWA for your company making sure it gives total security and smooth operation.


Offline feature: Use offline tools and get connected to the app even in poor internet connection.


Simple and powerful: We use the latest PWA development models to give you simple yet powerful web apps that gives you smooth functionalities and powerful results.


Improved Conversions and Visibility: We use the latest SEO to make your page easily visible. Get a better digital presence with Exyconn. Watch your conversion rates skyrocket with us.

Our process of PWA development

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Analysing Business Requirements We first understand and analyse your business requirements to conceptualize the right Progressive Web Application for your business.

Defining Technology As per your requirements, we choose the best and appropriate technology to develop your PWA and define the Scope of Work.

Wireframing & Architecture We develop wireframes of the PWA before we start to design the UI/UX of the application.

Mobile & Web UX Design To make the PWA responsive across all devices - mobile & web, we design the user experience for web and mobile. In this phase, you can get the look and feel of the application.

Development & API Integration After the user experience has been designed, the development or coding for the application starts, with the defined user interface. In this phase, third party APIs are integrated in the PWA to make the app more user-friendly and highly functional.

Testing of the application After the application is developed, it is tested for all scenarios. We do manual, automation and user-acceptance testing of the application to identify bugs and fix them to deploy the application.

Launch for Web & PlayStore We publish the PWA now on the web and PlayStore to make it visible to the users.

Maintenance and Support We provide you 2 months of free maintenance and support for your application.

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