Benefits of a Design Sprint

Keyword Research

Efficient teamwork

On-Page SEO

Well-defined goals

Off-Page SEO

Risk minimization

The Ideal 5 Days - 5 Phase Approach

Successful results are guaranteed when the entire team engages on coming up with a functional designed prototype. This is nothing but a design sprint that gets everyone together to achieve goals.

Monday - The Mapping Day

Monday - The Mapping Day

The first step is to map the entire idea and to come up with the right foundation. We map the problem areas and come up with solutions. Interactions with clients, and then learning more about your business and collectively achieving targets. The strategy to deal with issues finds its place on your work files.

Tuesday - Ideation to Solution

Tuesday - Ideation to Solution

After identification of all possible problems, we look for solutions and pick the best one from all possible solutions. We review old ideas and look for insights into new solutions. A concrete idea serves as a good foundation for the product.

Wednesday - Making Decisions

Wednesday - Making Decisions

After brainstorming, analyzing, criticizing and reviewing we come to the final solution to solve a problem. This is called a structured decision-making process that ultimately serves as food for the development of your final prototype.

Thursday - Prototyping Day

Thursday - Prototyping Day

After we get a framework and foundation for your idea, we gather arrangements to jump to the final step of making a functional prototype.

Thursday - Prototyping Day

Friday - The Judgement Day

Set prototype to get feedback and to gain insights from user interaction with your product. This forms the final and the most crucial step in the process of a product design sprint.

Some common questions people ask

When you have a rough idea about a product or want to improve an existing product, it is necessary to conduct a design sprint so that all your ideas can be merged into a path of making a successful user-centric product. With the help of a design sprint, all steps can be streamlined and this makes decision making faster.
Yes, definitely. Startup ideas are most innovative and most of them have a high level of complexity which can be simplified through a product design sprint. This makes the startup app development process faster to launch into the market.
No, they are different. During a Scoping Session, the outline or roadmap of the project is defined. Whereas, in a Design Sprint, we develop an actual prototype to collect user feedback and observe how the user interacts with the product.

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