Our MVP Development Services

Scoping Sessions

The foundation should always be done right. Do this with the help of Scoping sessions that give your ideas a real shape. Exyconn suggests technical solutions for all your problems and documents your scope of work. Help us help you design your products better.

Targeting Key Features

We target to retain maximum users for our clients so your products offer maximum value and maintain minimum functionality. We make sure you get the value proposition that your target audience wants (USP).

Prototype Development

Your abstract ideas shall turn into concrete ones with Exyconn, which serves as the basis for a functional prototype. We do brainstorming sessions to sketch the product idea and identify the best processes and solutions to make the prototype.

Developing MVP

This process is crucial because of code reviews and algorithm walkthroughs because we make sure of meet all your requirements. We start building your product after observing the interest of users during the testing of the prototypes.


See how your idea
becomes a PMF

You have had sleepless nights to think about that idea that can create a huge impact in an industry, a product that can turn your startup into a million dollar enterprise. So it’s essential to understand how crucial is the MVP stage to make you a long-term player in the market and make your idea successful.

Benefits of MVP Development

No hardware independency
Easier and faster
product release
Easy data recovery
Test your
Secured data 
Break down costs
of development
Pay as you
go model
Have a defined
Lower maintenance
Market Adoption
Increased application speed to market
Gather feedback
for iterations

Our MVP Development Process

  • 1

    Problem Identification

    We start with identifying what problem will your application solve for the user. Then we begin with the designs.

  • 2

    Target Audience

    To create the best MVP, we focus on the target audience and create a user flow which your target audience will love.

  • 3

    Analyse User Behaviour

    We conduct a research by sending out the MVP to your target audience and helping them experience it. Based on their experience and behaviour, we collect feedback to determine how to make the Product Market Fit (PMF).

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Common FAQs people have for MVP development

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What is MVP development? MVP development means creating a Minimum Viable Product, before launching the actual product into the product. It involves the process where a lot of research and study is done to determine and evaluate how viable your startup idea or product is. During this process, your product will have the minimum features, required to address the customer’s actual needs and solve their problems. When the customer faces additional problems with the product, feedback is taken from the customer so that those features can be added to the final or actual product.

Why should I invest in developing an MVP? Investing in MVP development will help you understand how good your idea or product can perform in the actual market. You can determine if your product is able to solve your customers' problems and collect customer’s feedback as well to understand what else does the customer need inside the product.

If I outsource MVP development, can my idea be stolen? No, your idea will not be stolen if you outsource the MVP development. Before we start discussing your product, we first sign an NDA with you, that protects your business idea and prevents anyone from sharing outside your organization.

How much does it cost to develop an MVP? The cost of developing your MVP completely depends upon the Scope of Work and the requirements. So you can get a quote from us by contacting us directly for MVP development services.

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