Our IoT Development Services

Custom IoT Product Development

We develop custom IoT software as per your needs that interacts seamlessly with your existing smart IoT devices and ensures the perfect compatibility between hardware and software.

IoT Hardware Design & Development

Do you want to test your concept before going for a full-scale production of IoT devices? We can help you design and make a prototype of your concept using IoT sensors and boards to create a gadget prototype.

Mobile Application for IoT Devices

Getting a full remote control access of your IoT devices gives makes your lifestyle even better and smarter. We help you achieve a full control on your smart devices with the help of perfectly compatible cross-platform and native mobile applications that behave as a remote control for IoT solutions.

IoT Based Analytics & Dashboard

We collect the data from IoT devices to provide you with analytics and predictions. This helps you analyze market & user behaviour, and predict opportunities. We create customized dashboards, data visualizations and detailed reports to represent user performance and hardware performance.

Industrial IoT Solutions

Make your manufacturing and industrial process management easier by using IoT solutions.

  • Warehouse management
  • Logistics & Real-time tracking
  • Quality Control
  • texProduct Monitoringt

Smart City IoT Solutions

We make IoT solutions that make Smart Cities smart. Improving the public sector has always been one of our greatest visions. We make the perfect solutions for:

  • Building Security
  • Public Safety
  • Traffic Control

Healthcare IoT Solutions

We help in increasing the service quality of the healthcare industry by improving remote monitoring, delivering better patient care and capturing patients’ vitals via IoT devices.

  • Monitoring remote healthcare workers
  • Enhancing hospital equipment functionality
  • Improving patient health monitoring

Smart Home & Office Solutions

Make your home and office smart with our Smart IoT solutions and upgrade to a smarter and better lifestyle.

  • Employee Attendance System - RFID, Biometrics and Face Recognition
  • Ordinary home appliance to smart home appliance.
  • Managing home and office security

Why should you implement IoT in your business?


Driving Productivy
Developing New Business Models
Developing New
Business Models
Redefining Relationships

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