Process of Collaboration

We have three different types of contracts, which ensures smooth collaboration :

Project Idea Discussion with client
Offer suitable services to develop project
Cross-check project requirements
Sign NDA for privacy protection
Sign contract as per choice and start the work.
  • The Fixed-Price Contract - Once signed, the budget is non-negotiable for the project.
  • Hourly basis Contract - A fixed hourly-rate will be determined mutually on a per hour basis work.
  • Budget with Float Scope (BFS) Contract - The budget of the project can be altered based on the requirements.
  • Outstaffing - When you want a dedicated development team for your project, we outstaff our team for your project for a specific period of time.

Based on the contract-type you choose, we determine the work complexity and gather requirements. We start the work by signing an agreement through email. We divide the work on milestone-basis and you only pay when you get the desired results. After project completion, you will be benefitted with a warranty period from us, which covers your bug-fixing at no-cost.

  • Discovery phase

    Discovery phase

    The discovery phase involves our highly experienced and proficient team of a Business Analyst, a Designer and a Project Manager, who perform research and analysis for the effective collection of all the requirements for the project. During this phase:-

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      The Project Manager takes care of all the technical operations, development process, assigns developers for the project, and organizes regular meetings. He makes sure that your project is developed with the utmost efficiency and the desired result is obtained at every stage to complete the project on time.

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      The Business Analyst analyzes all the business processes relating to the project. He takes the responsibility to collect all project requirements and provides the complete solutions, after discussion with the team.

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      The UX designer involves in designing the complete layout and visual aspects of the project. The project is then ready to enter the development phase.

    After the Scope of Work (SoW) is developed, the whole project is divided into milestones.

    We share the development plan with the client and after the milestones are approved, we start the development process.

  • Development phase

    Development phase

    After the project is completely designed in-detail, the development team starts working immediately on the front end and back end technologies. The technology is determined according to your project’s needs. To make the development smooth and easy, short sprints are developed.

  • Testing


    After every sprint, the testing team tests all the results achieved during each phase of development - a full-testing cycle. It takes care of any logical errors, technical glitches, load testing and makes sure that all bugs are fixed immediately. During this phase, high priority is given to quality analysis of the software to determine its proper functioning in accordance with the user experience.

  • Discovery


    The development team along with the Project Manager, Business Analyst and DevOps expert, now completely focus on deploying the project in the customer’s environment. They perform the final testing, look into the configuration, customizations and teach the user how to operate the system. Thereby, completing the project on-time with maximum efficiency and making it ready for delivery.

  • Maintenance


    After the project is delivered, you get 24/7 support from us as we take care of all technical glitches or bug fixes for 2 months.

    You also get benefitted with a warranty period of 3 months after the deployment of the project. This ensures that you have seamless business operations.

Project Management Process

Initiation &Conception
  • Define project goals
  • Create project brief
  • Project scope & budget
  • Deadlines
  • Team roles
  • Communication plan
  • Milestones
Launch & Execution
  • Budget management
  • Resource planning
  • Status reports
  • Risk management
Monitoring & Control
  • Project goals
  • Quality of deliverables
  • Team performance
Project Closure
  • Retrospective meeting
  • Project closure report

Our Core Values

Client-Friendly Approach

When it comes to project development, you need a friend to support you in each and every phase of the project. We offer our services to you in a cost-effective way so you can have your peace of mind and just rely on us for the rest.

Result-Oriented Mindset

Over the years, we have developed our workflow processes very effectively which helps us focus entirely on the result. During the development process, there are many challenges, but our tested strategies tackle those as well.

Innovative Team

Our team is constantly involved into learning and growing with updated and latest technology trends. This helps us suggest you innovative ideas to improve your project development and gain maximum ROI.

Information Before Implementation

Our primary focus is always to gather maximum information about your project and understand all your requirements carefully. This increases development efficiency and minimizes errors to almost zero.

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