How Can You Hire Us?

Startup Technology

IT Staff Augmentation
(On-Shore Team)

With our IT Staff augmentation hiring process, you can hire our developers directly into your team and they will work as on-site staff. You can easily manage your staff and have all the transparency you need in a workspace.

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Startup Technology

Hire through Upwork
(Remote Work)

If you want to follow a remote culture, then you can directly hire our developers from Upwork. With Upwork, you can track your project timeline and payments, and also have the security with Escrow Contracts.

Hire through Upwork
Startup Technology

Off-Shore Team Creation

Do you want to expand your business with a new team and new skillsets? Then let us provide you with a team of reliable and experienced experts who can help you with your off-shore projects and make your project management easier, with optimum cost-effectiveness.

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Secure Contracts To Bind Us Together

We create contracts that bind us together, with security. All our contracts include payments, timelines, work description and protection of your data with an NDA. With our transparent staffing process, we make sure that all our discussions relating to your project and company are well documented and drafted securely.

Payment Contracts


Project Milestone Contracts

Project Milestone

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Agreement (NDA)

Frequently Asked Questions

The process saves a lot of your time, is cost effective and very convenient for anybody. Have the best talent pool from any place on the planet!
Its simple. You hire only after taking as many interviews as you want after which our professionals work remotely as a dedicated team of workers for you. You can also manage the staff directly while we take care of the infrastructure, administrative support and developer retention. We also sign a NDA to protect your rights.
Create, assign and monitor all you want. Our engineers use Jira, Pivotal Tracker, Trello, Asana, etc. to communicate their daily assignments to you anyway.

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