NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement is an essential part of every project. This assures that your project idea cannot be stolen by the company or any third party. Also, by signing the NDA, the details and credentials of your project/company/account does not get disclosed to any third party.
You need not worry. We provide you a 2 months “Exyconn Service Warranty” after the project delivery, where we fix your bugs or technical glitches free of cost. However, our professional developers write quality and optimized code which ensures minimal technical glitches and bug occurence.
Yes, you can always choose to upgrade the software to a better and advanced technology. All the tech giants in the world, like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Dell, IBM, etc. upgrade to their sites, web and mobile apps to new technologies every now and then. Technology means advancement and that is how companies want to grow, by developing old interfaces, designs or technologies into new ones. Thus, providing their users a better user-friendly experience. So we would always be here to happily serve you whenever you need an upgrade.
Yes, you can own the source code for the application as it is already included in our pricing policies. Our developers put efforts to write quality codes that make the front-end responsive and user-friendly. So, when you pay us for the source code, you actually value our developers' unique code writing skills and their ability to make the application fast and reliable.
I am confused between Fixed Price vs Time & Material Contract? Which one should I choose?

Fixed Price

If you have a defined budget in your mind for your project, and you want to get it done within that budget then, you go for a Fixed-Price contract. For e.g: If you have an approximate budget of $1000-2000, then we’ll get your project done within that budget itself, providing you with the right solutions.

Time & Material Contract

If you have no idea about the cost of development of your project, then you can pay us on an hourly basis and get your project done. It is quite simple because you only pay us for the total hours we dedicate to complete your project in your given deadline. For e.g: We tell you the exact number of hours we need to complete your project and then you pay us in weekly, only after you are satisfied with the progress and results promised for each sprint.

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