Cybersecurity Services We Provide

Web Application Penetration Testing

Web applications are most popular and widely used across industries, and are prone to most cyber-attacks. We protect them by testing their penetration level, i.e how prone it is to cyber-attacks.

Network Penetration Testing

The network system is the core part of your business functions and operations. Safeguarding it from threats, to ensure smooth business operations is most important.

Vulnerability Assessment

With Vulnerability assessment, we scan various types of assets in your systems such as databases and network systems and share the assessment with you. We can help you detect unknown threats or unauthorized access to your system.

Cloud Penetration Testing

You store all your data backup in the cloud and which is why it is a huge target for hackers and cyber-attackers to steal it. With penetration testing, we help you identify the cloud threats before it is attacked.

Mobile Application Penetration

78% of data phishing and account hacks are reported for mobile application users. Protect your mobile applications from hackers and malicious attacks by determining penetration level today.

OSINT & Social Engineering

Since Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Platform is a public platform for businesses to use published resources, Dark Web hackers target it for social engineering and phishing attacks, mostly to gather user credential information like email addresses, passwords, phone numbers, etc.

Benefits of Cybersecurity

Network system
Password hacking
All app and web
data security
Detects malicious
Stay informed about
cloud data

Cyber attacks happening everyday around the world

Cybersecurity Diagram
Cybersecurity Diagram

Cybersecurity tools and technologies we use


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