The Efficient Business Analysis Framework

We aim to provide your company with the most feasible solutions to all your business problems with minimum risks. Our business analysis framework consists of business discovery, defining users, functional and non-functional requirements.

  • 1

    Documentation through communication

    Communication is key when it comes to working with the team and the client.

    We document all your requirements and take care of the phases where we might need iterations to come to the final decision

  • 2

    Analysis of Competitors and Stakeholders

    Along with stakeholder analysis, our experts also analyze the market to know if similar solutions are already available.

  • 3

    Problem Identification in Roadmap

    Our analysts intuitively identify and forecase what problems may arise during the product roadmap. y also sketch out solutions already to ensure a smooth roadmap.

  • 4

    Optimum Solutions

    Our business analyst first list out the solutions as per your requirements. Then with a second level of validation and approval from your side, the best solutions are selected.


Why trust our Business Analysts?

Our business analysts help you find significant solutions to all your business problems. We do so by aligning expectations with value, defining metrics for success, process models to guide teams, bridge any gaps by working with the design and development team. Faster and robust results are guaranteed.

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  • Metrics for success and setting value-based expectations.

  • Working with the development and design team to fish any troubles out and also with the stakeholders to make sure you’re meeting their expectations.

  • Set models with specifications to provide a better, lively insight to your team.

  • Evaluating cost estimates.

  • Faster rate of work when we have a map.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to create a user-friendly and target audience specific application, business analysis is done to understand your business and target audience in a more detailed way. We do competitor analysis as well to create your application in such a way that keeps you ahead of your competition.
Although a Business Analyst is a non-technical person, he/she involves in strategic planning, understanding the business requirements, creating wireframes for the application and acts as a bridge between you and the software development team.

Hence, a Business Analyst plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and fast application development process.
Exyconn’s Business Analysis helps you save time and money in the long run. When you avail our Business Analysis service, our team of Business Analysts ensure you a perfectly well-defined application development process that suits your business requirements and is specific to your target audience. This way you don’t end up investing in an application/software that doesn’t solve your target audience’s problems.

Hence, even if you want to upgrade your application into the next version, the process becomes easy and fast as the business analysis has already been done and the upgrades will be focused on that only.

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